ICONN is a European Industrial Doctorate project
with partners from Industry and Academia

“The technological challenges of creating, deploying, maintaining and efficiently operating offshore energy installations are considerable. The marine environment is harsh and necessitates new, innovative and robust design approaches. As deployments move into ever deeper waters, the associated capital expenditure increases rapidly and new management and control technologies, and operational concepts, become critical in maximising the techno-economic benefit.” (Prof. Ciarán Mc Goldrick, Project Coordinator)


Trinity College Dublin
Trinity College Dublin is recognised internationally as Ireland's premier university and is ranked in 88th position in the world (QS World University Rankings 2017/18). In the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Trinity is ranked 117th in the world.
Aalborg University
Aalborg University provides high-quality research within the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and engineering and health sciences and focuses on strong national and international world class research groups representing the academic areas of the University.
Floating Power Plant
Established in 2004, Floating Power Plant is a clean-tech company that designs, develops and provides a unique floating patented platform for wind and wave energy. We have developed the world's only offshore-proven combined floating wind and wave device to have delivered power to the grid.
Swirl Generators Limited
Swirl Generators limited is in the process of developing a WEC device (WRAM)nthat will provide reliable and cost effective energy generation from ocean waves. It is based in Trinity College, Dublin.


ICONN is a unique European Industrial Doctorate initiative to meet the current and future demand for highly skilled offshore wind and wave energy engineers by developing and advancing European capacity in the design, development and performance optimisation for Offshore Wind and Wave Energy installations. The initiative is strongly shaped by active participation from industries, and will develop and enhance European capacity in the offshore renewable energy area at a critical juncture in time when Europe strives to occupy a lead market position globally in this sector.


The three scientific work packages, which scaffold the individual research activities, progress from addressing specific challenges and capability deficiencies that impede the effective and efficient deployment of offshore wind and wave infrastructures (floating systems and optimisation of power take-off (PTO) ) through to activities that seek to create, and innovate in, new control algorithms and in operational efficiency domain (fatigue control, new algorithms for control of PTO).
The proposed training and skillset development contributes strongly to EC strategic research, training and innovation strategies as established through the Europe 2020 strategy, Blue Energy, and in EC Innovation Union goals.


The ICONN EID will
i) provide state-of-the art training to Early Stage Researchers jointly with industries in the scientific and engineering disciplines of power take-off (PTO) and structural control, wave mechanics and hydrodynamics, CFD, sensing and system identification;
ii) advance expertise, and research capacity, in the techno-economic-environmental factors that impact on the reliability and operational efficiency of offshore renewable energy installations;
iii) instil business, management, entrepreneurship and innovation skills pertaining to offshore wind and combined wind-wave energy sector to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation;
iv) promote clearly defined scientific dissemination, public outreach and commercialisation/IP agendas.